Forced alignment

The purpose of this page is to do step 7 of the vowel plot assignment (use an on-line forced alignment system to align a segment-level transcription to your recording). This page uses a slightly modified installation of the Penn Phonetics Lab Forced Aligner (P2FA).

Upload your wav file and the text file (transcript) and enter your e-mail address. Spaces in filenames can cause problems at this step. If your filenames have any spaces in them, please rename the files and change all spaces to underscores ("_") before uploading.

If you are doing the vowel plot assignment and you didn't change anything about the story you read, leave the text file field blank to use the default OHDARE2.txt. When you see "Done. E-mail sent", check your e-mail. This may take a while. Please don't submit multiple times until you are sure the aligner didn't complete the first time.

wav file:
text file (optional):
E-mail address:

Note: file size is limited to a little over 40 megabytes, enough for 32 minutes of 16-bit audio sampled at 11025 Hz or 8 minutes sampled at 44100 Hz. All uploaded files are downsampling to 11025 Hz for processing, so consider downsampling before uploading.